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  • LED Light Therapy

    What is Gold Light Facial?

    'cleansing facial'

    The LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology is a painless non-thermal solution to reduce the signs of aging and improve skin condition with absolutely no down time.

    In a rejuvenation process similar to the photosynthesis of plants, the Beauty Gold’s System yellow, red and proprietary NIR ( near infrared) LEDs stimulate collagen and suppress collagen-degrading enzymes that accelerate the visible signs of aging.

    Gold lights have been known and used for many years in the medical community for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties. The benefits of gold and red lights can now be used to restore the skin’s natural and beautiful appearance.
    Beauty Gold is an LED facial device that uses pure Red and pure Yellow LED. Beauty Gold features make it the favorite source for LED light facials


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    Beauty Gold Alpha LED Therapy

    How Does LED Light Therapy Work? The Beauty Gold LED therapy light facial combines pre-set LED Light Programs with specially formulated topical oxygen based skincare products . Skin oil or specialty serums are added to provide the cells with relief from harmful free radicals as well as being an alternative to the effects of a glycolic peel or microdermabrasion.

    Oxygen regenerates cell metabolism and penetrates into the epidermis to actually stimulate new cell formation. When skin is deprived of oxygen, it is suffocated and it dies. Using LED Lights is the latest scientific advancement in complimentary therapy and anti-aging treatments for looking younger and better without pain, discomfort, surgery, or injections. This is accomplished by utilizing a Beauty Gold LED Therapy Light Facial System.

  • LED BEAUTY GOLD system………$125.00

  • Beauty Gold LED Super Intense LED Facial System Beauty Gold

    Beauty Gold LED light facial system offers you a golden opportunity to increase your facial service revenue and expand your menu of services. The product is unique from other LED systems in that it provides services that can be delivered with a self-service approach as well as integrating easily into your current menu of services.

    The demand for LED facial devices is growing at an amazingly fast rate due to the popularity and awareness of LED technology.