Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is located at 325 West St. Brantford. Building B, Unit 101 (follow the signs for Serenity Counselling)

Our fee for a 50-minute session is $130 and can be paid via e-transfer or credit card. Fees must be paid within 24 hours of your session.

Some of our therapists offer sliding scale spaces, please inquire for further information.

Psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP or ODSP as Psychotherapists are not funded by government organizations.
Our fees may be covered by your personal healthcare plan through your workplace/employer or an individual health insurance plan. Please check with your provider for information on coverage for Psychotherapists or Social Workers.
We offer free 15-minute phone or video consultations for potential new clients. Most regular sessions are 50-minutes in length, and we offer the option for 80-minute sessions.
You do not need a referral to access Psychotherapy services.
  • A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor that specializes in mental health and mental illness and can prescribe medication.
  • A Psychologist focuses on psychological testing and evaluation for diagnostic purposes.
  • A Psychotherapist focuses on talk-therapy techniques and therapeutic modalities.
  • A Social Worker is similar to a Psychotherapist however their educational background focuses more on connecting clients to their community supports.
Psychotherapy is a very personal experience, and it is important that you feel comfortable talking to your therapist about the challenges you are facing and in expressing your feelings. Your first session will mostly consist of us getting to know one another, establishing trust, and setting out a plan for therapy that works for you.

Research has proven Psychotherapy to be extremely effective for individuals ranging from young children to older adults struggling with a variety of challenges. Talking about your life experiences, emotions and perspectives can help you resolve challenges in your life and help you understand yourself better.

Research has shown that online therapy can be as effective as in person therapy for various mental health challenges. Some of the benefits of online therapy include:

  • Less time needed to drive to and from a therapy session
  • Increased availability for remote areas lacking mental health services
  • People who cannot leave their homes due to illness, physical limitations, mental health issues, or other reasons
  • People who travel for work and still want to access services in different parts of the province of Ontario
  • Many clients feel more comfortable in a familiar environment of their home
We use a secure and PHIPPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) compliant online booking and video system called Jane App. You will receive reminder emails/text messages for your sessions and be able to log-in directly on any phone, tablet, or computer to join the call.

Aways. Our therapists follow the privacy guidelines outlined in the most updated PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act). Records and information of your sessions are kept secured on your Jane App profile that only your therapist has access to. Only if you provide written permission can these records be released, or if they are subpoenaed by the court.

There are some extreme circumstances in which regulated health professionals are required by law to breach confidentiality (such as imminent risk to self or others, or child/elder abuse) and these will be discussed with you during your first session.

You can continue therapy for as long as you think necessary and helpful and stop sessions on your terms.

In general, the duration of therapy ranges from 6 to 14 sessions, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.

Your therapist will discuss the frequency and length of your therapy based on your needs and this is something you can make changes to or talk to your therapist about whenever you need to.

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