Online Therapy Services

Our therapy services are for anyone looking to overcome life’s challenges.

West Wellness provides virtual therapy and counselling services. Our team is located in the Greater Hamilton Area and works with clients across Ontario.

We help clients with a wide array of mental health issues and aspects of life. Learn more about our therapy services below.

Online Counselling
and Psychotherapy.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Are you struggling with your mental health or coping? In our online therapy sessions, we will work together to find solutions, overcome challenges, as well as increase positive thinking and self-compassion.

What can we talk about?

Counselling is a time to talk about anything that’s on your mind. To get you started, here is a list of some common topics people discuss during therapy sessions:

Isn’t therapy really expensive?

Our team is committed to investing in you and your wellbeing! Together, we’ll work on building the tools and habits to help you reach your goals and improve your mental health and well-being!

Session rate: $120

Therapeutic Approaches.

At West Wellness, we use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help our clients with relationships, emotions, behaviour, trauma and more. Learn more about our therapeutic approaches:

It's a great time to start.