I Don’t Have ADHD, Autism, Depression Or Any Serious Problem So Why Do I Need Therapy?

There is a great misconception that therapy is only for those who have been officially diagnosed with a mental illness. This just isn’t true. Therapy can help simply to work through difficult issues in life. Despite efforts to destigmatize mental health, it is still alive and well in our society today. Many people are afraid or think they will be treated less-than if others know they are seeking help from a therapist. Unfortunately, many people will never get the help they need because of this stigma.

Therapy Is Not Only For Serious Problems

One of the ever-changing dynamics of life are what we perceive as the highs and lows. Therapy can be helpful during both seasons. We have all experienced those highs of getting news of landing a great new job or opportunity. The excited feeling of starting a new relationship or welcoming a new baby into the family. The positive emotions can feel great, like life is so good. The other half of the yin-yang balance in life are the lows. Events or circumstances that we perceive negatively can shade the brightness of the wonderful things. Extremes can be very unhealthy and therapy can help you, the client, learn a better way to navigate both the ups and downs in life without swinging to the extremes.

A Therapist Can Teach You To Ask For Help When It’s Needed

How Can Therapy Bring Balance To My Life?

A good therapist will support you in building tools to manage life. One of those tools might be learning to ask for help. Bringing balance to your life can make managing the highs and lows a little easier. We’ve all had those times where you may be in transition of some sort. Maybe you’ve experienced an event that could have been particularly traumatic and involved a lot of emotions. It can be difficult to work through all the tangled thoughts and feelings. You know you don’t feel right, something is off but you can’t figure out what it is or how to fix it. Some people may even try ignoring it and pretend all the emotions aren’t there. They might even push it down. This may work temporarily and give you the impression that you took care of it. But repressed emotions will always reappear at another time in your life in a way you never expect. It’s beneficial to see a therapist to help you work through the emotions and circumstances while they are still fresh and learn how to manage similar events in the future.

Therapy Can Help You Make Decisions

There Is No Ranking Of Circumstances To Determine Who Deserves Therapy

Having a mental health diagnosis like Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc., may seem like the obvious candidates for therapy. But that doesn’t discredit those that simply need to work through difficult circumstances in life. With all the different kinds of therapy available, every lifestyle can benefit from therapy. Beyond mental illness, the right therapist can help you love yourself, gain self-confidence and bring an overall balance to your life.

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