Is It Ok To Break Up With Your Therapist?

So you’ve been seeing a therapist for several months and you’re not sure you want to continue therapy with them. You’ve seen some progress with the things you’re working on, but you feel like you’re not really moving forward any longer. Is it ok to ditch your therapist and find a new one? It is ok to have doubts and wonder if your therapist may not be the right fit?

It’s Important To Choose The Right Therapist

Managing Expectations Before Breaking Up With Your Therapist

It’s important to understand how therapy works and manage your expectations of what will happen and how quickly. It’s easy to take a passive role in therapy as the client and assume that it is all in the hands of the therapist to see results. But the reality is your therapist is there as your helper and guide. Studies show that the best results from therapy come when you, the client, take an active role in the therapy which is detailed in What A Typical Therapy Session Looks Like.

Finding The Right Fit With Your Therapist

It’s a wonderful thing to experience the positive changes in your life when you find the right therapist. It can feel like you’ve finally found someone who understands and listens to you. The client/therapist relationship that forms over time is special and unique. It can take time and multiple tries before you find the right fit as mentioned in It’s Ok If Therapy Doesn’t Work Out 

Basic Questions to Consider When Breaking Up With Your Therapist

There are some basic questions to ask yourself when considering breaking up with your therapist. Do you feel comfortable with your therapist? Do you trust your therapist? Do you feel safe to talk about anything freely? You have every right to find the right therapist but if you can answer yes to the above questions then it’s a good idea to discuss your thoughts and concerns with your therapist before moving on. 

What Do You Expect From Your Therapist?

What Are The Signs To Break Up With Your Therapist?

If you’re involved in your therapy, doing your part, your expectations of your therapist are reasonable, and you’re still not progressing, it may be time to consider another therapist. Below are just a few signs that you need to find a new therapist: 

  1. If you feel you aren’t connecting with your therapist in a way that is going to support you in improving your mental health.
  2. If therapy is stressful or anxiety ridden.
  3. If your therapist tells you what to do. Your therapist is there to guide you to make better choices.
  4. If your therapist pushes their values on you.
  5. If your therapist encourages blaming others and discourages personal responsibility.

If you or someone you know is considering changing therapists, West Wellness  would love to help you find the right fit.


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