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    What area can be treated?

    This new machine will eliminate: Skin tags Ruby points Telangectasia (Dialated Capillaries) Milia Cholesterol deposit Stellar angioma (spider veins) By using heat produced by a current to coagulate the blood.

    How does the Vasculyse 2G work?

    The Vasculyse 2G uses a mild current to induce coagulation within the distended capillary. The body then absorbs the unused capillary. This treatment is called thermocoagulation, the process by which unsightly, distended capillaries are absorbed and eliminated by the body.
    This non-invasive procedure is relatively painless. It uses mild currents that have been employed in the esthetic world for more than four decades.

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    New! Whole Body Cryotherapy !

    Cryotherapy is popular in sports medicine and physiotherapy. Sportsmen undertake cryotherapy procedures in order to increase their chances for faster recovery from injuries. The beauty and cosmetics industries are using cryotherapy to improve blood-circulation, to make skin look and feel healthier, to fight age-related deficiencies and for the removal of toxins from the body. In medicine, cryogenic chamber procedures are expected to help to recover after illness or surgery, help to treat skin diseases, help to increase general improvement of health , boosts the body’s metabolic rate, accelerating weight loss outcomes.


    Cryosaunas (also known as cryo-cabins and cryo-chambers) are designed to hold general cryotherapy (cryo-stimulation) sessions, during which extremely low temperatures, varying from -130 °C to -180 °C, act on patient’s body. Course of cryotherapy procedures stimulates restorative mechanisms in the human body thereby helping the latter to fight against inflammation. You get relief from different types of pains. Scientific studies have proved that as a result of cryotherapy sessions, that the blood lipid profile improves substantially, which significantly reduces the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction.


    The Eurowave can be used anywhere you want inch loss, most often used on the butt, tummy, thighs and arms. Each session is 18 minutes and toning and inch loss can result from just one session.

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    THE STRUCTURAL REMODELING SYSTEM™ is the first to offer an innovative proprietary remodeling treatment by combining the synergy of five scientifically-proven technologies, for outstanding results. The Synchronized Delivery™ treatment head This unique ergonomic treatment head combines five scientifically proven, technologies, delivering them simultaneously through a single treatment head, providing a remarkably effective treatment in a fraction of the time.


    Researching the processes behind skin aging for many years, the scientists at JUVENA discovered a worldwide innovation: the source of fresh, new skin lies in the combination of two brilliant achievements: SkinNova Technology and Stem Cell Peptide. JUVENA calls this double revolution SkinNova SC Technology*. It actively supports the skin’s own stem cell activity – the source of fresh new skin - and at the same time provides the ideal micro-environment for all skin cells. This double revolution is an astonishingly effective yet absolutely skin-friendly principle of cell renewal, which densifies, refines an restructures the skin profile. The quality of the skin is demonstrably improved from the inside. Fresh new skin. Like newly created.

    Thalion-cosmetics from the sea

    Thalion – leading expert in marine cosmetics – carefully selects the richest seaweeds. This unique know-how as a harvester enables us to preserve the original qualities of these precious plants and integrate them in new formulas. Discover our professional treatments in thalassotherapy centers, spas and beauty salons in more than 50 countries around the world